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Canadian Conservative MP’s video for the “It Gets Better” Project. (x)


Now I’m a little conflicted here. When I first saw this, I thought I had read it wrong. That theConservative Party of all people would be making one of these, was beyond anything I’d ever imagined. The party with members who would like to abolish the right for gay marriage, the party with spoken members who say it is a choice. 

I found it a little….hypocritical? for them to be making a video telling these youth, that it does get better.y’know..despite that they are lobbying to take away their rights.. no biggie……

The video itself is awkward and beyond obvious that the politicians are reading from a card. Some broke script and were able to have some true emotion come across, but overall, unfortunately, uninspiring. Some faces here were just simply weird to see, that the words coming out of that mouth belonged to the face of that right wing politician we have seen on oh so many occasions.

On the other hand, good on them. Maybe then this is a step in the right direction. That even our Right Wing party, is recognizing the hardships the lgbt youth are going through in our society and that it needs to be changed.

This video was released on Thursday - Spirit Day (where politicians apparently also wore purple in parliament) - but also the same day as the funeral for Jamie Hubley. A young Ottawa teen who had been bullied into depression for being the only out student at his high school. 

But then, who am I to discourage any format of getting the word out there, that You Are Not Alone. The message, how ever scripted, is there. It Gets Better.

Say what you want about it, in favour or against, I think there is something we can agree on:
Where were you for this video Mr. Prime Minister? 

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